Pie Love

We love hearing from all of our pie lovin' customers! Drop us a line anytime and share your Simply Pies experience!

  • "That was one terrific apple pie. Unbelievable over the moon crust! Apple slices were delicious."
    ~Elizabeth and Lincoln, Santa Barbara, CA

  • "My son tried the GLUTEN FREE pies and couldn't believe the crust was GLUTEN FREE...he said that they were the best tasting crusts he had ever had! We just wish that you all were up here near San Jose!!! I just heard from my sister-in-law, her family loved the apple pie! My brother who usually won't touch anything GLUTEN FREE loved this crust and can't say enough...thanks again."
    ~Leslie S. Los Gatos, CA

  • "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! With your delicious GLUTEN FREE, agave sweetened pie you have made my birthday celebration what I long for. Everyone loved the gluten/sugar free alternative as much as the regular and there were no left overs of either. So, today I ordered an additional GLUTEN FREE pie for myself to enjoy over the next few days! Thanks for creating a delicious juicy flavorful fresh fruit pie that also meets the dietary needs of many people. I have become a loyal customer!"
    ~TL in Santa Barbara

  • "I died today and went to coconut cream pie heaven!!!! Thank you Thank you!"
    ~Joey G., Santa Barbara, CA

  • "This is the best quiche! Great Chocolate Pie!"
    Gary Fruin, KLITE Santa Barbara

  • "Truly AMAZING quiche and pie!"
    ~Julie Ramos KTYD Santa Barbara

  • "Best quiche I ever had. Real men DO eat quiche!"
    ~Hayseed and David Perry, KTYD Santa Barbara

  • "Thank you for baking us a wonderful pie. We wish you every measure of success and hope to introduce your name to our friends and associates. The pie is delicious and worth every minute on the road."
    ~Susan, Los Angeles, CA

  • "Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the cheesecake you delivered to my house on Sunday. My husband declared it was the best cheesecake he had ever eaten! My daughter-in-law, who doesn't like cheesecake had a small sliver to be polite and ended up having 2 pieces. I will be definitely ordering from you again very soon."
    ~ Ivy E., Santa Barbara, CA

  • "The peach pie was AWESOME! We were floored when we tasted it."
    ~ Erica M., Santa Barbara, CA

  • "The quiche was worth the money. It is unbelievable!"
    ~ Wendy H., Buellton, CA

  • "Oh we LOVED the apple pie. My son could hardly stay away from it and was terribly disappointed when it was gone. My daughter who claims to not like pie was all over it. Believe me, I got my fair share! I am a pie maker myself, so we are pretty picky about pie. You make a lovely crust."
    ~Brooke A., Ventura, CA

  • "Your cappuccino cheesecake was a delicious way to end my daughter's wedding shower luncheon. Since we had ordered this cheesecake previously for a 50th birthday party, we knew it would be a big hit for this occasion as well."
    ~Joan H., Santa Barbara, CA
  • "Everyone RAVED about the cheesecake! Everyone loved it! It was absolutely delicious!"
    ~Rebekah B., Santa Barbara, CA
  • "You have mastered the art of making a pie crust, making it uniquely yours. The quiches and the fruit pies we had were delicious and filling! Thanks for providing this service."
    ~Joan H., Santa Barbara, CA
  • "Undeniably the best quiche I've ever had!"
    ~ Bob R., Claremont